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"Love & Universe"

氏家克典の最新セカンドアルバム MUSIC COLLAGE II " Love & Universe ” の情報です。
氏家克典のCD, DVD, 書籍は

All Songs Written by Katsunori UJIIE
(except Ave Maria by Franz Schubert)


All Songs Arranged and Produced by Katsunori UJIIE

All Instruments Performed and Programmed by Katsunori UJIIE

Lyrics : Masahiro HATTORI

Recorded and Mixed by Katsunori UJIIE at K’s Studio

Lavel : Katsunori UJIIE MUSIC SHOP

Vocal : Haruka TAKANO on “Ave Maria”

Vocal : Hiromi ISHIZUKA on “Funky Galaxy”

Vocal : Masahiro HATTORI on “Quantum Mechanics Love”

Guitar : Masahiro HATTORI on “Funky Galaxy” and “Quantum Mechanics Love”

Backing Vocal : Masahiro HATTORI, Yumiko TANABE, Hiromi ISHIZUKA, Katsunori UJIIE


Cover Art by Ai KOHNO


Katsunori UJIIE use music instruments as follows...


Acoustic Piano : Yamaha MONTAGE(1,2,4), Spectrasonic KEYSCAPE(1,5), Modartt Pianoteq(1),
Electric Piano : Yamaha MONTAGE(2,9), Spectrasonic KEYSCAPE(6),  Steinberg HALionSonic(5,10)

Clavinet : Spectrasonic KEYSCAPE(6), Yamaha MONTAGE(4)
Drums: IK Multimedia MODO DRUM(5,6), TOONTRACK EZdrummer(9), Steinberg HALionSonic(4,10), Steinberg GrooveAgent(4,10), Roland Jupiter-Xm(7)

Percussion : IK Multimedia SampleTank(5,6), Steinberg HALionSonic(9), Spectrasonic Omnisphere(9)

Bass : IK Multimedia MODO BASS(6,9,10), Moog Minimoog(4,5), Arturia Mini V(2,9), Jupiter-Xm(7)
Electric Guitar : Yamaha MONTAGE(9), Steinberg HALionSonic(2,5,9)

Acoustic Guitar : IK Multimedia SampleTank(11)

Organ : Yamaha YC61(2,9), IK Multimedia Hammond B-3X(6), Yamaha MONTAGE(2,3)

Synth Pad : Yamaha MONTAGE(3,7,11) Roland Jupiter-Xm(7,8,9), Korg wavestate(7,8,9), Spectrasonic Omnisphere(3,7,8,9,11), Steinberg HALionSonic(10)

Synth Comp : Yamaha MONTAGE(2), Roland Jupiter-Xm(7), Korg wavestate(3), Sequential Circuits Prophet-5(7)

Synth Lead : Moog Minimoog(9), Yamaha MONTAGE(2,5), Arturia Mini V(6), Steinberg HALionSonic(10), Spectrasonic Omnisphere(3,11)

Choir : Yamaha MONTAGE(3,5), Spectrasonic Omnisphere(3), Steinberg Padshop(9)

Ethnic Instruments : IK Multimedia SampleTank(7)
Brass Section : Yamaha MONTAGE(4), Steinberg HALionSonic(4)
String Section : Expressive E Arché  Violin, Arché  Viola, Arché  Cello(1)

Sound Effects : Yamaha MONTAGE(3), Spectrasonic Omnisphere(9), Roland Jupiter-Xm(7), Korg wavestate(9)
Sequence & Arpeggiator :  Roland Jupiter-Xm(7), Korg wavestate(7), Arturia Buchla Easel V(10), Spectrasonic Omnisphere(10)


DAW : Steinberg Cubase Pro

Special Thanks : Toshiya SUZUKI, YAMAHA, Roland, KORG, Hookup, IK Multimedia, Spectrasonics, Steinberg, Arturia, musictrackjp and All of my friends & family

© 2023 Katsunori Ujiie All rights reserved
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