氏家克典の最新アルバム"MUSIC COLLAGE(ミュージック・コラージュ)”の情報です。



   1. Multiplication (2’30)

  2. Ecstasy Of Love(4’30)

  3. Heartfelt Thanks(5’26)

  4. Spiral Decision(4’59)

  5. City Lights(6’45)

  6. Funk Up The Pump(4’14)

  7. Asian Deep Forest(3’42)

  8. Mystic Moon”朧月夜”(3’36)

  9. K's Shuffle(4’48)

10. One Day Of Deep Fall(5’14)

11. Tokyo 2030(4’38)

12. Ecstasy Of Love - Extended MIX(6’02)

今までの私の音楽生活の集大成とも言える、R&B, Rock&Pop, Funk, Smooth Jazz, Electronic Dance Music, Ambientなど、様々な音楽ジャンルを盛り込んだ、まさにミュージック・コラージュ的な内容です。全ての楽器は私がシンセサイザーで演奏&プログラミングしています。シンセサイザーの極限のダイナミクスと美しい音色をお楽しみください。

It's a music collage-like content that incorporates various music genres such as R & B, Rock & Pop, Funk, Smooth Jazz, Electronic Dance Music, Ambient, etc. All instruments are performed and programmed by myself. Enjoy the ultimate dynamics and beautiful tone of the synthesizer.

氏家克典のCD, DVD, 書籍は


All Songs Written by Katsunori UJIIE

(except Mystic Moon”朧月夜” from Public Domain)

All Songs Arranged and Produced by Katsunori UJIIE

All Instruments Performed and Programmed by Katsunori UJIIE

Recorded and Mixed by Katsunori UJIIE at K’s Studio


Executive Producer : Toshiya SUZUKI, Katsunori UJIIE

Vocal on “Mystic Moon” by BaBy★Ky


Cover Art by Ai KOHNO


Katsunori UJIIE use music instruments as follow...


Acoustic Piano : Yamaha MONTAGE(2,8,12), UVI Grand Piano Model D(3,4), MODARTT PIANOTEQ(5), Spectrasonic KEYSCAPE(10)
Electric Piano : Yamaha MONTAGE(3), Spectrasonic KEYSCAPE(5,6,8,10), Arturia Stage-73V(4), Steinberg HALion Sonic(1,), TOONTRACK EZkeys(2)

Clavinet : Arturia ClavinetV(4)
Drums: TOONTRACK EZdrummer(3,5,6,9), Steinberg HALion Sonic(4,6,9,10), Steinberg LoopMash(7), Steinberg GrooveAgent(2,4,7,12), Arturia DX7V(12)

Percussion : IK Multimedia SampleTank(2,3,5,10,12), Steinberg HALion Sonic(3,4,5,10), Spectrasonic Omnisphere(7)

Bass : IK Multimedia MODO BASS(3,4,5,6,9), Yamaha MONTAGE(10), Moog Minimoog(1,6,9), Arturia Mini V3(6), Steinberg HALion Sonic(9)
Electric Guitar : Yamaha MONTAGE(4), Spectrasonic KEYSCAPE(6,9), Steinberg HALion Sonic(3)

Acoustic Guitar : Yamaha MONTAGE(5), Steinberg HALion Sonic(10), ROLI Seaboard RISE(11)

Organ : Yamaha MONTAGE(9)

Synth Pad : Spectrasonic Omnisphere(2,5,8,9,10), Arturia PIGMENTS(7), Sequential Circuits PROPHET-5(7,11), Oberheim OB-8(6), Steinberg Padshop Pro(9,10,11)

Synth Comp : Steinberg HALion Sonic(2,12)

Synth Lead : Moog Minimoog(9), Yamaha MONTAGE(3)

Choir : Yamaha MONTAGE(3), Steinberg Padshop Pro(7)

Ethnic Instruments : IK Multimedia SampleTank(7,10)
Brass Section : Yamaha MONTAGE(3)

Trumpet : Yamaha MONTAGE(6), Yamaha VL1 (6)

Saxophone : Yamaha VL1 (6,10)

Shaku-Hachi : Yamaha VL1 (1)
Sound Effects : Yamaha MONTAGE(1), Spectrasonic Omnisphere(1,2,8,11,12), Steinberg Dark Planet(4), IK Multimedia SampleTank(7), Arturia Mini V(2,8,12)
Sequence & Arpeggiator : Spectrasonic Omnisphere(1,2,9,10), MODARTT PIANOTEQ(1), Steinberg HALion Sonic(1), Arturia Mini V(2,12), Arturia DX7V(12), Steinberg Padshop(9)


DAW : Steinberg Cubase Pro

Special Thanks : YAMAHA Cooperation, YAMAHA Music Japan, KORG, Arturia, HookUp, Steinberg, IK Multimedia, Spectrasonic, MI7 Japan, ROLI and All of my friends & family.

© 2020 Katsunori Ujiie All rights reserved